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in partnership with TDHCA, Harris County Justice Courts and the TX Supreme Court

About the TEDP Program

The Texas Eviction Diversion Pilot Program (TEDP), administered by GCCSA Inc helps Texas tenants stay in their homes and provides landlords an alternative to eviction. The TEDP may provide up to six months of rental assistance for eligible tenants who are behind on their rent due to the COVID-19 pandemic and have been sued for eviction. This program includes a special court process that allows courts to put eviction lawsuits on hold and divert them to the TEDP. The program seeks to reduce the number of evictions by enabling landlords and tenants to agree upon a resolution to non-payment of rent issues.

Opens Tuesday, October 20th

GET HELP completing your Tenant TEDP Application, visit Lone Star Legal Aide: Website or (713) 652-0077 / (800) 733-8394


Harris County Tenant Applications accepted Tuesday, 10/20/20

Harris County Justice of Peace Court refers Landlord and Tenant to TEDP Program.

Both Landlord and Tenant agree to the TEDP process. As a result of the Agreement, The Court will put eviction lawsuit on hold for limited time period.

Who Is Eligible?

To be eligible for the eviction diversion pilot program, a landlord and tenant must meet specific criteria.

Submitting and Application or Enrollment is not a guarantee of TEDP Services.

Within 3 days of Court TEDP Referral:

(1) Complete TEDP Tenant Application online; and
(2) Submit required Income Verification online or at GCCSA Corporate Office 9320 Kirby Drive, Houston 77054

Tenant will submit any final eligibility program documents

Tenants will receive notification of approval or denial. Reminder TEDP is an income-restricted program.

Within 3 days of Tenant Application,: complete Landlord Enrollment and submit Required Documents, including: (1) W-9 Form; (2) Banking Details – Void Check or ACH; (3) Evidence of Rent Owed – Ledger or Other; and (4) Contact Details 

Must confirm amount of Past Due Rent.

Must confirm amount of contracted Monthly Base Rent.

Must have a bank account and accept direct deposit

TEDP Payments to Landlord

Tenant and Landlord receive notification of the confirmed rental assistance amount

Landlord is paid via ACH

Tenant and Landlord receive notification of “paid” rental assistance amount

TEDP Informational Brochures

The informational brochure is available in ten languages below (linked below 1-10):

TEDP Brochure (English)

TEDP Brochure (Spanish)

TEDP Brochure (Arabic)

TEDP Brochure (Chinese)

TEDP Brochure (French)

TEDP Brochure (German)

TEDP Brochure (Korean)

TEDP Brochure (Russian)

TEDP Brochure (Tagalog)

TEDP Brochure (Vietnamese)

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